Made to Order
Timber Doors & Stairs

If you need a new wooden door that is energy efficient, safe, durable and meet current fire safety standards, then we will be more than happy to help you craft one for you.

As a professional door installers and carpenters, we can manufacture your new wooden door from the chosen material, finish exactly to your specification with paint, stain or varnish of your choice, and fit your freshly designed door to complement the interior or exterior of your property.

We also specialise in designing and manufacturing wooden stairs and staircases. Please see some of our recent work in the Projects section here.

The staircases we build are designed to perfectly fit your home and to complement your interior decor. We merge materials such as glass, aluminium or cast iron to achieve desired look and feel of your new staircase. There are no two projects that are ever exactly the same.

We smoothly manage the project from initial stage to completion, and we aim for your 100% satisfaction.
Made to Order Timber Doors and Stairs
Personalised Exquisite Wooden Items

Personalised Exquisite Wooden Items.

We have experience and the know how to help you design and craft pretty much any furniture from wood. If you are looking for a truly personalised product we can make it to your specific instructions and finish it as you please.

We are skilled, experienced and passionate about woodworking, and we want the furniture we craft represent these qualities.

If you have an idea of a bespoke furniture you'd like to bring to life don't hesitate to contact us for a free estimate here.